History of the Massage Chair

How the Massage Chair Came to Be!

We have been asked many times how the massage chair came about, and it’s not an easy answer. Massage therapy itself dates back thousands of years. References can be found in several ancient writings across the world including places like China, Japan, India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Massage Therapy is a form of alternative medicine that has many healthy benefits such as pain relief, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, treat anxiety or depression, increase relaxation, and lower blood pressure.

Relaxing massage chairs

Massage has had many different styles over the years, from acupressure, to the various forms of reflexology, that have made claims that the rubbing of certain parts of the feet or hands had a visceral effect of various organs and systems of the body, though there is little in the way of scientific evidence to back it up, What science can prove is that massage therapy helps release endorphins into the body and stimulate the lymphatic system that helps clear toxins, which has numerous positive effects that contribute to a much better overall sense of well being.

Mechanical massage chairs started to appear in the 1950’s and have kept up with the rapid pace of technology ever since, developing from a wheel crank system to work the massage rollers in the back, to a body mapping robotic massage roller system that has 6 or more different massage styles pre-programmed in, that are ready for use at a moments notice!

The modern massage chair is an impressive amalgamation of innovations and new design features, that all contribute to the goal of helping you relax and enjoy a soothing massage whenever the mood strikes you.