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When you’re looking for an in-home seat that massages your whole body, look no further than the Synca Massage Chairs. With the tapping and kneading functions, as well as several customizable options, these chairs can help you to relax and loosen up the muscle that’s causing so many of your aches and pains. 

No one should suffer backaches and foot pain when there’s something you can do for yourself that will repay each and every day. Come home to your own massage chair and you could be sleeping easier, waking more rested, and ready to face whatever the day holds.


Designed to be ergonomically correct, these compact massage chairs use detection technology to perform a complete body scan that allows them to map your curves and create a personalized massage each time you use them. The unique massage techniques used by the chairs allow them to help you to feel secure while you receive perfect pressure from your neck down to the muscles near the base of your spine.

In addition, many of the chairs feature heat features that deliver radiating warmth to your lumbar spine and back which reaches around to your core muscles. Many of us are on our feet all day long or sit in uncomfortable office chairs, this feature soothes an aching back and helps it to release the tension built up over the course of our work days.

Enjoy the L-Track Massage function and you’ll experience a rolling massage from your shoulders to your upper thigh. While a traditional massage from a chair of this kind might stop at your lower back, the Synca CirC massage chair covers 34 inches of massage track with pin-point features that focus on the trapezius to the hamstring.

The Synca line of products can also feature alternating hip movements which provide the pressure you want on each hip and helps to align you.

Also, if you’re concerned about how much living space you’ll have with one of these chairs in your home, the Compact models can be the perfect fit.

In-Home Relaxation & Comfort

When you want the benefits of regular massage without having to make regular appointments at expensive massage therapy offices, these products can be the answer you’ve been looking for. They provide comfort, relaxation, and wellness advantages that leave little to be desired. With customizable features, manual options, and easy-to-use remotes, they are sure to become the new luxury item that you look forward to each day.

Treat your back, feet, and entire body to the personalized massage they deserve. Make a massage chair your next home purchase. You won’t regret it. And be sure to check back regularly for deals and promotions that’ll help you to enjoy a new chair quicker.

If you’d like to learn about the Manufacturer’s Warranty which including coverage for parts and labor, each product contains the pertinent information under the Warranty tab.

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 Synca CirC Compact Massage Chair

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Synca JP1100 4D Ultra Premium Massage Chair

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Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair

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Price  $899.99  $6,999.00  $3,999.99
Arm Massage  No  Yes  Yes

Auto Recline

 No  Yes  Yes
Back Heat  Yes  Dual Heaters at Low Back & Feet  Triple Region Heat with unique upper body heating for both front and back
Automatic Leg Extension  No  Motorized Legrest Extension  No
Body Scan  No  Yes  Yes
Stretch Program Air Stretch Power Stretch 5 Unique Deep Stretch
Manual Programs Yes Yes Yes
Airbags 10 31  31
Massage Techniques Rolling, Tapping, Kneading Rolling, Hand Kneading, Compression, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu 78 available massage techniques, including Shiatsu, Compression, Finger Pressure, Infared Heat Therapy, Kneading, Knocking, Rolling, Swedish, Tapping
Air Massage Hip, Thigh, Seat Shoulders, Arms, Waist, Calves, Feet  Seat, Hips, Thighs, Feet, Calves, Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Waist
Foot & Calf Massage  No  Yes  Yes, can stow foot massage portion
Hip Massage  Alternating hip movements with air cell technology  Yes  Yes
Remote Control  Mini Remote  Touchscreen Controller  Fingertip Controls and Remote
Pre-Set Programs  Yes  21 Auto-courses  13 Auto Programs, 3 Memory Programs
Zero Gravity  No  Yes, near 180 degree full recline  Yes
Foot Roller Massage  No  Yes  Yes
3D Massage  No  4D massage options  4D massage options
Lighting Ambient Light near head No No
Space-Saving Design Round compact body No No
Chromotherapy Yes No No
Audio System No No Bluetooth Audio
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