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Luraco massage chairs are the only massage chairs that we carry that are designed, researched and assembled in the USA. The newest release from Luraco combines the latest technology in home massage chairs with innovative healthcare and entertainment features to create massage chairs that are a cut above all other medical massage chairs.

These are also the only medical massage chairs that we carry which can support users up to 6'7" tall and that weight up to 300 pounds. Attach the optional heart rate and blood pressure monitor to the i7 and experience the health benefits of Luraco massage chairs for yourself.

UL, FDA, & CE Listed

Luraco massage chairs are the only massage chairs that have the UL, FDA, and CE listing and designation making them perfect for the commercial setting. They even come with their own commercial warranty, where other brands do not!


Luraco iRobotics i7 PLUS

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Luraco Legend PLUS

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Luraco Sofy

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Color Options Black, Choc, Cream Black, Choc, Cream Black, Choc
Height/Weight Range 4'7"-6'7", 300 lbs 4'7"-6'7", 250 lbs 4'7"-6'7", 250 lbs
Recommended Body Type All Slim to Average All
Massage Track S Track S-L Track Traditional 2D
Robotic Massage Techniques Yes Yes No
Zero Gravity Yes Yes No
Heat Yes Yes Yes
Heat Locations Back, Seat, Feet Lower Back & Feet Lower Back
Adjustable Intensity 5 Levels 5 Levels 3 Levels
Adjustable Intensity Locations 6 locations Neck, Upper Back, Lower Back, Arms, Calves, and Feet 6 locations Neck, Mid Back, Lower Back, Arms, Buttocks, and Feet 2 locations Back and Feet
Unique Tapping Rhythms Constant, Percussion, Variable Constant Constant
Rolling Yes Yes No
Adjustable Tapping and Kneading Speeds Yes Yes No
Unique and advanced body stretching technique Yes Yes No
Seat Swing Yes No No
Genuine Leather Head, Shoulder, Arm, Feet Commercial grade Commercial grade
User Memory  5 user settings 5 user settings No
Foot Massage Double Rollers Double Rollers No
Calf Massage  Air Bags  Air Bags  Acupuncture plate
Back Roller Type Double Rollers Quad Rollers Quad Rollers
Track Length 35" 58" 29.5"
Seat Width 22" 20" 22"
Touch screen remote control Yes, faster & more durable (like Smart Phone) Yes, (like iPod) Built-In, Right Arm Rest
Shoulder height adjustment capability Yes Yes Yes
Full-Function 3 dimensional (3D) back massage Yes Yes No
Upper arm and hand massage Yes Yes No
Customizable individual body part massage Yes Yes No
 Advanced Sensor for Body Scan Yes Yes Yes
 Automatic leg length adjustment Yes Yes No
 Pause Function Yes Yes Yes
 Sleep Mode Yes Yes Yes
 Auto pre-programs  9 auto modes: Health, Soft, Quick, Morning, Night, Sport, Shiatsu, Stretch, TV mode  9 auto modes: Health, Soft, Quick, Morning, Night, Air, Shiatsu, Stretch, TV mode  2 auto modes Soft, Shiatsu
Number of Massage airbags 100 60 0
MP3 player No No No
Bluetooth Speaker (10W) Yes Yes No
Intelligent self-diagnostics Yes Yes Yes
Human voice response in English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish Yes No No
Chair Dimensions - Upright 48" H x 38" W x 60" L 47" H x 37" W x 61" L 48" H x 36" W x 52" L
Chair Dimensions - Reclined 47" H x 38" W x 81" L 47" H x 37" W x 81" L 48" H x 36" W x 68" L
Residential warranty (parts & labor/parts/frame) 5 Years Parts, 3 Years Service 5 Years Parts, 3 Years Service 5 Years Parts, 3 Years Service
BP Monitor Accessory (Optional) Yes Yes No
Chair Cover Accessory (Optional) Yes No No
Made in USA from US and Global Components Yes Yes Yes
 Chair Weight  265 LBS  264 LBS  150 LBS
 Number of Boxes  2 1 2
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